Delta: a Distributed Environment for
Large-scale Tests of peer-to-peer Applications

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    What is Delta ?

      Delta (Distributed Environment for Large-scale Tests of Applications) is a generic environment dedicated to the test and measurement of Java-based distributed applications. It operates on real applications in which instrumentation points are integrated. Initially, Delta was designed to test and evaluate the performance of new P2P protocols.

      Nonetheless, it is generic enough to deal with any type of distributed application (client/server, N-tiers, ...). The way the application will behave during its evaluation is dictated by a scenario depicted in an XML document. A scenario is composed of a set of tasks operating in a sequential or parallel manner. Each task could be an operation to perform on the distributed application or a measurement. Results of measurements are collected in dedicated a file whose pattern allows a non-ambiguous identification of information.


      1. Guillaume Doyen, Alain Ploix, Marc Lemercier and Rida Khatoun. DELTA user guide (PDF version), Delta user guide

    Delta developers

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      • PLOIX Alain (
Delta : Distributed Environment for Large-scale Tests of peer-to-peer Applications
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